Your New Year's Inspiration for 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015 by Thomas, Michele | Inspirational

by Michele Thomas

Music is such a powerful force in the world.  And anyone who participates in it...whether it's patronizing the arts through seeing live concerts or buying CD's (yes people still do that! ;)), or taking private lessons or a class to develop musical skills...we all benefit from the energy that music brings into our lives. Seriously.  It's not just a trite notion. I truly do believe that music has the power to transform lives - which is why I am sharing this article with you for the New Year...

When I saw this article I was blown away; not only because it's about my high school choral teacher, a man who mentored me into the world of music from my early years, but because I never knew his story.  And to now understand what he overcame to pursue his deep passion for music...he has kind of changed my life all over again.

Read and watch for a story that is guaranteed to inspire you.  And raise a glass in the New Year for Mr. Norman Malone! #NeverGiveUp