The Soulstream Vocalist Showcase "Pro-Series" - Discover Emerging Artists!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 by Thomas, Michele | Studio News

For a long time now, I have wanted to do an emerging artist concert series as part of the program offerings at Soulstream Music Studio. And this year we finally get to kick it off with some singers who are primed and ready for the spotlight!

The purpose behind the Soulstream Pro-Series is to bring quality musical entertainment to new audiences but even more so - to help performers develop the professional skills necessary to build a strong foundation for an music career that becomes actualized.

As an professional singer and an independent artist, I have a great appreciation for what it takes to develop a music performance career - mainly because I live it everyday. It is a challenging career choice by and large because of the history of misconceptions and attitudes that surround the pursuit of it. Too often, the idea of being a performing artist is met with patronizing skepticism or starry-eyed delusions about "making it". Not to mention the perpetuation of those attitudes through reality shows like "American Idol" or "The Voice" which fail to address what a realistic career path even looks like.

But what if more aspiring singers and songwriters began to approach their careers from an entrepreneurial standpoint instead of random stabs in the dark at fame and fortune? Music entrepreneurship is more a necessity today than it ever was with the dawning of the digital age and it's subsequent transformation of the old music industry. Musician and music marketing guru, John Oszajca says it best when he urges today's independent artists to,

"think simple, think smart, and spend money on your career that is proportionate to results, not based in blind faith and good intentions."

So be prepared to be dazzled at this year's Soulstream Vocalist Showcase because the performers of the "Pro-Series" segment literally mean business! These singers are not waiting around to be "discovered" or for their "big break". They are presenting their music to the most important people in the music, the audience! And they have invested time and money in their development as artists as well as entrepreneurs so that their success is not a "shot in the dark" but a probable reality. Stay tuned for profiles on this year's "Pro-Series" artists! - Michele