The Soulstream Mission

Purpose, Practicality, & Passion: At Soulstream Music Studio Of Contemporary Voice under the instruction of Michele Thomas, you will find a serious and dedicated approach towards Contemporary Commercial Music. First and foremost, students are taught to use healthy and sound vocal techniques which emphasis vocal strength and freedom.  With techniques that are catered towards musical genres of pop, gospel, r&b and jazz—students are guided through discovering their own voice and understanding the physical make-up of vocal sound and production.  With an approach taken from the most current techniques in Contemporary Commercial Music Voice Pedagogy, Michele Thomas helps her students to sing with confidence and assurance in their instrument.  Students are taken even further as they are given the tools for performance development through customized repertoire selection and creative interpretation of song.  Overall, vocal sessions are geared towards addressing the whole singer; from the technical to the artistic.


The Soulstream Vision

Soulstream Music  draws it's inspiration from the need for change in the world of the performing artists and the independent musician.  We uphold and honor the endeavor of each musician who wishes to leave their unique artistic imprint in this world; and therefore we work towards fostering a society in which a livelihood in the performing arts is a tangible reality rather than a hopeful venture.


Music is a life force that is powerful and its inspirational energy should continue to be fostered through the performing artist. Soulstream Music Studio seeks to root itself in that artistic endeavor and be a home for the musician working to make their impact on this world.


What does, "mentoring" the student mean?

...It means that Soulstream Music students receive instruction and guidance in:  

Vocal Training and Performance Development | Career Counseling and Artist Development | Recording | Demo Development and Production | Performance Opportunities and Showcases | Promotional Opportunities for Emerging Artists |  Networking in Chicago’s Professional Musician Community