Nixon O.

"Michele - I think I finally found my voice after about 7 years of looking for it. i can tell coz it's so much easier to sing and the tone is much more crispier and the resonance is natural and so is the transition from chest voice to head voice and vice versa. Like you were teaching me, it really feels like I'm just speaking. That analogy and the exercises involved have really helped me....I wish i was still in Chicago so that we could record something with my new voice. I feel like trashing all my old recordings but they do serve a purpose of showing me how far I've come."

Robert F.
"Hi Michelle - Just wanted to share with you that on Sunday I went to showtunes as so often I do and FOUR, count them with me, 1-2-3-FOUR seperate people made complimentary comments about my voice and singing throughout the night.  What a boost to my little singing ego and validation of your recent work with me!!!!

Thanks for being friendly, helpful, guiding, nuturing and reasonably priced!"


Maja K.
19d ago

Michele its awesome! You cant ask for better singing Teacher ! I tried few in Chicago And none cant compare with her.Absolutely Love her ! Maya

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